Marc van Gale

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Location: Germany
AvB, SvD, Tiesto
Marco was born in 1986. After his father died in 1990, he was raised by his mother and his grandparents. As a student of elementary school he already made first contacts with electronic music. Inspired by the upcoming techno generation he bought his first DJ Set and first records at the tender age of 11.

After years of training he got his first bigger gigs at the age of 16. He played under the name DJ4T at that time, which was made up by friends. By and by he socialized with many people of the scene.

In 2003 he began to produce songs. One year later he had to interrupt his music career because of private problems. When he continued at the end 2004, at a live show on Sunshine Live Radio Hire & Fire (92% Hire) he swore never stop again with making music.

After some gigs and radio gigs, Marco finished his apprenticeship as Economic Assistant in Foreign Languages in July 2005. Since that time he only lives for music.

Since 2005 Marc Van Gale is freelancer and DJ with gigs in the whole german-speaking area and some foreign countries. His most played music styles are Techno, Trance, UK-Trance, House, Hard Style and Hardtrance.

In 2006 Marco founded the company New-Style Perspective, which contains a label, a booking agency as well as an event managing company.

Today, besides producing and djing, Marco gives lessons at Europes biggest dj-school named Vibra.

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