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- - 2013 - -
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Location: Philadelphia,Pa USA
Various Genres of Electronic Dance Music
Tony Bruno, Gino Caporale, and Plasmic Honey..I even amaze myself still
Phil Mac is a 25yr seasoned dj and 5yr producer. Along with his wife Sneaky G they belong to the prestigious Studio206 Group and are the managers of the USA division. If you were to ask what stands out about Phil people say one word...diversity.... Phil Mac plays multi Genre formats , sometimes all in one set. You can hear his syndicated show Pollution Radio running 5+ yrs now every week on Saturdays 12am EST (sat 5am GMT) plus special show times right here on ProjectRadio. Also you can hear and get the most requested mixes by you the fans on where he is ranked in the top 100 djs on that hosting site. Be sure to listen close to Sneaky G and Phil Macs original produced tracks and remixes used in his sets. Thanks for all the support.. He does what he does because of you the fans, always remember that.