Live Broadcast Hours
- - 2013 - -
Total Hours: 0
Last Month: 0
Location: Philly, PA USA
Various Genres of FUNK
Phil Mac, Johnny Chink, Plasmic Honey, Cosmic Gate
SneakyG has been DJ'n since 2008, training under her husband DJ Phil Mac. Together they have produced original tracks and remixes. They also belong to the prestigious Studio206 Group and are the managers of the USA division. SneakyG has always had a great love for music and was totally fascinated by the art of DJing. Although not attempting to officially DJ until 5/31/08, she was engulfed by the club scene and the EDM that went with it. Once SneakyG started to DJ, she started out spinning Various Genres of Trance. When she got comfortable DJing, she made an attempt to spin other genres, finding Funk and loving it. When asking people about her, you may hear quite often she was born in the wrong decade as her love for funk and all genres of it run that deep within her. SneakyG spins various genres of funk inlcuding old school funk remixes, funk, funk house, funk trance, funk tech, funk tribal, etc. Her syndicated show FUNK IT is where you can hear all of this played. Thanks for all the love and support.