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Location: Boston MA
I ❤ Trance
Paul van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Sean Tyas, Simon Patterson, Mitiska, Above&Beyond, Solar Stone, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Karl B, Second Sun, BT, Dash Berlin, ... e.t.c.
I first fell in love with music when I heard Europe`s ``Final Countdown`` back in 1986 while listening to the radio in my room at the boyscout camp in Ukraine. Back then it didn`t occur to me that what I loved about the tune was the morphed synthesized sound of Yamaha and Roland keyboards ... Later growing up in Israel I was hooked on the Euro Dance scene, recording tunes to tapes from radio stations and friend`s copies. While all by best friends listened to stuff like Metallica, Megadeath, Prodigy, Doors, Jimmi Hendrix, ... (which I also enjoy), for me the sound of Westbam, Culture Beat, La Bouche, Snap, and Enigma (what they played in disco`s back in the 90`th) had a somewhat different appeal... We organized parties and I always made sure that I am responsible for the tape deck, and always had my tapes neatly organized... All that was fun and games, that until i came to US and my friend took me to see pvd in Twilo,NYC in 1998! ...That was the moment when I fell in love with music all over again! I knew right away, that THIS is what I`ve been looking for all along! First I started attending every gig around NYC-PA-DC area which involved pvd, avb(way before he got big), Tiesto, Ferry, Perry O`Neil, NU-NRG, etc, ... and collected every live set I could get my hands on... Then I started learning the MIDI theory and the Digital Synthesis... Then I started buying vilyls, mainly because DJs started using CDs a lot and I had to have some of that VINYL sound before it completely goes away! ... And then a DJ moved in next door in 2008, and he was like ``Dude, why won`t you buy another turn table and just mix shit up...`` ... I was like ``Huh!`` ... And then I met this girl during WMC, and she was like ``... there`s this ProjecRadio.US website, why won`t you try playing there..`` and I was like ``hmmm...`` ... and here we are!